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The Azzurrini set to face France in quarter-finals tomorrow

Former player Filippo Corti was part of the Italy side which won the 2015 Universiade in South Korea: “The team are going about it the right way aware that it is a great opportunity”

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Azzurrini set to face France in quarter-finals tomorrow

Benevento is eagerly awaiting the University National Team, who have a quarter-final showdown against France at the Stadio Ciro Vigorito tomorrow at 21:00. It’s a very important match for the Azzurrini, and it’s one which Filippo Corti, the former Pro Sestom Tritium and Verese player who took part in three Universiade (one of which he emerged from with a winners’ medal), will be keeping a keen eye on: “I was a starter in all the games during my first two experiences at the Universiade, while I was used as a reserve player the third time.”

Corti is at the Napoli Universiade as part of the organisational team of the CUSI’s Italian delegation, but he remains a player within. When he talks about his past experiences, his eyes light up: “Wearing the Azzurri shirt and representing your country is fantastic. It really drives you on, especially when you’re away from home.”

Because when he played at the Universiade, it was never on home soil, including when Italy won it in South Korea in 2015: “The whole stadium was against us, obviously. There were 10,000 Koreans cheering on their side. But we managed to win decisively (3-0), and we felt immense joy.” His memories of the other two? “The first one in 2011 was a kind of dream. I was 20 years old and almost couldn’t believe it. I was representing Italy? Once I overcame this disbelief, the tournament had finished. I remember the 2013 tournament with a feeling of regret: we lost and went out at the group stage and too many things went wrong. The last one is obviously the happiest one – it was perfect. Even if I wasn’t a starter, I was kind of a captain providing support, something which was a magnificent recognition for me – I had always been the captain out on the pitch.”

And today’s Italy side? “I like them. There’s a lot of enthusiasm. The lads are going about it in the right way and transforming the experience into positive energy. I would have liked to be involved in a home Universiade. It’s a great opportunity to feel the support and affection of the people near to you.”