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Statistical head-to-head for matchday 25 in Serie A: Domenico Berardi vs Lorenzo Insigne

Using data provided in the stats section of our website, we compare the numbers of the two attackers for Sassuolo and Napoli...

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 25 in Serie A: Domenico Berardi vs Lorenzo Insigne

Sassuolo vs. Napoli will take place tomorrow at 18.30 CET, a match valid for the 25th matchday of Serie A. There are eight points between the two teams, with the hosts sitting eighth in the standings on 35 points and the Neapolitans sixth, on 43. Both De Zerbi's and Gattuso's teams have a game in hand.

The statistical head-to-head for matchday 25 (made possible by the stats section on our website, Figc.it) pits Domenico Berardi against Lorenzo Insigne.

Until now, the Napoli playmaker has been selected two more times than his opponent (20 vs 18), with a total of 1,542 minutes played compared to 1,483 for the Neroverde player.

Both forwards have proved skilful in the attacking side of the game: ten goals (four from the penalty spot), three assists and 22 opportunities created for Insigne; eight goals (two from penalties), four assists and 35 opportunities created for the 26-year-old Calabrian.

Still from the offensive point of view, but speaking of dribbling, Insigne is more effective: 37 successful dribbles against Berardi's 18.

Based on defensive parameters, the head-to-head leans more towards the Sassuolo player in regard to tackles won (12 vs 10) and defensive blocks (21, compared to zero for the Neapolitan). In terms of interceptions, on the other hand, Insigne is more profitable (19 vs 14).

The statistical data favours the 29-year-old from Frattamaggiore when it comes to distribution of play, as he has completed 168 more passes than the Neroverde man (763 vs 595), and is more accurate percentagewise, both in successful passes (84.8% vs 79.5%), and successful passes in the opponent's half (77.3% vs 72.9%).

Finally, from a disciplinary point of view, the striker who grew up in the Juventus youth teams is more targeted than the former Pescara player (35 fouls won vs 16), but also commits more fouls than his colleague (25 vs 6). Berardi  has been cautioned on two occasions more than his opponent (4 vs 2), while only Insigne has been sent off (only once).