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Statistical head-to-head for matchday 13 in Serie A: Ciro Immobile vs. Andrea Petagna

Using data supplied on our site, we’ve analysed the numbers of the Lazio and Napoli strikers

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 13 in Serie A: Ciro Immobile vs. Andrea Petagna

Serie A matchday 13 concludes on Sunday evening at the Stadio Olimpico with a meeting between Lazio and Napoli (20:45 CET). The Biancocelesti are eighth in the league and have picked up just one point from their last two games, while the Partenopei are in fifth and looking to get back to winning ways after the defeat away to Inter.

The statistical head-to-head of matchday 13, which is made possible by the freely consultable stats database on our website, pits Ciro Immobile against Andrea Petagna. One the one hand we have the 2020 Golden Boot winner, an irreplaceable cog in Inzaghi’s machine; on the other hand, we have the striker from Trieste, who will likely start due to injuries to Mertens and Osimhen.

Until now, both players have made ten appearances, through Immobile has started nine of these (777 total minutes played) and Petagna only once (309’).

The Lazio forward has scored seven goals to Petagna’s three, though the latter has a better minutes-per-goal ratio: on average, he scores every 103 minutes, while Immobile scores every 111 minutes. Immobile shoots more (10-5), while the Napoli striker is more accurate (62.5% of his shots are on target compared to Ciro’s 41.7%). The Lazio man creates more chances (9-5) and has also provided one assist.

Sul fronte della distribuzione del gioco, Immobile ha effettuato più passaggi riusciti (180 vs 68), ma Petagna è più accurato: 86,1% di precisione contro 74,7% (81,1% vs 71,4% se si considerano i passaggi nella metà campo avversaria).

In terms of distribution, Immobile has completed more passes (180-68), while Petagna is more accurate: 86.1% to 74.7% (81.1%-71.4% considering passes in the opposition half).

Given their roles of leading the line, their impact on the defensive phase in minimal. Three clearances apiece, one shot blocked by Immobilie, two interceptions for the Lazio man and one for Petagna.

Moving on to disciplinary matters; Immobile has been fouled over twice as much as Petagna (17-8) and has committed double the amount of fouls (10-5), also picking up one booking and one red card. The Napoli player has not been entered into the referee’s book thus far.