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Statistical head-to-head for matchday 22 in Serie A: Lorenzo Insigne vs. Federico Chiesa

Using data provided in the stats section of our website, let’s compare the two Azzurri players, who will be involved in the highly anticipated Napoli vs. Juventus showdown

Friday, February 12, 2021

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 22 in Serie A: Lorenzo Insigne vs. Federico Chiesa

As matchday 22 in Serie A approaches, the spotlight is on Napoli vs Juventus, the most interesting Serie A match taking place on Saturday (18:00 CET). Gattuso’s side are sixth in the league, 12 points behind table-toppers AC Milan. Pirlo’s Juve, meanwhile, are in third place, seven points from the Rossoneri. Napoli and Juventus are yet to play their game that was cancelled in October.

The statistical head-to-head for matchday 22 (made possible by the stats section on our website, Figc.it) pits Lorenzo Insigne against Federico Chiesa.

Chiesa has made one more appearance than Insigne this season (18 vs. 17), but the Napoli player has racked up more playing time, with 1,327 minutes to Chiesa’s 1,290. It’s noteworthy that both of them have often been substituted: Insigne has come off six times, while Chiesa has been replaced on ten occasions.

First, let’s take a look at their performance in attack, where, on the goalscoring front, Insigne has done better up to this point. Indeed, the Napoli captain has scored nine goals compared to the Bianconeri player’s six, with the former averaging a goal every 147 minutes (215’ for Chiesa). The latter, however, is top dog when it comes to assists (4 vs 3), shot accuracy (50% vs 46.2%) and the number of chances created (21 vs 19).

Their roles in their respective teams are markedly different. Insigne is a real playmaker in the Napoli line-up, and it’s no coincidence that he’s made twice the number of passes: 663 to Chiesa’s 331. Furthermore, the Neapolitan talent has greater passing accuracy as a whole (84.9% vs. 80.5%) and also in the opposition half of the pitch (77.5% vs 69.7%). Chiesa just about has the edge when it comes to successful dribbles, though, having completed one more than Insigne’s 29.

With regards to defending, there’s interesting info on both players. Insigne is well ahead in terms of number of interceptions, (19 vs. 5), whereas Chiesa has made more tackles (14 vs. 9) and more defensive clearances (11 vs. 0).

When it comes to disciplinary matters, Chiesa has been on the end of more fouls than Insigne (24 vs. 14) but has also been penalised more (the former has committed 15 fouls compared to the latter’s 5). This season, Insigne has received two yellow cards and one red, while Chiesa has received one booking and been sent off on one occasion.