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Statistical head-to-head for matchday 31 in Serie A: Riccardo Orsolini vs. Daniele Verde

Using the data on the dedicated stats section of our website, we compare the numbers of the Bologna and Spezia wingers

Friday, April 16, 2021

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 31 in Serie A: Riccardo Orsolini vs. Daniele Verde

On Sunday at 15:00 CEST at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara, Bologna host Spezia for matchday 31 in Serie A. Just two points separate the two sides, with the Rossoblù on 34 and the Aquilotti on 32.

The statistical head-to-head for matchday 30 (made possible by the stats section on our website, Figc.it) pits Riccardo Orsolini against Daniele Verde.

Starting with appearances: Orsolini has played eleven more times (26 vs. 15), for a total of 1,353 minutes, than Verde (706 minutes). The Bologna man has also made more starts (17 v.s 8).

Despite the fact that Orsolini has featured more, Verde leads the way in terms of goals. He has scored one more (5 vs. 4) goal, has greater shot accuracy (66.7% vs. 53.3&) and a goal every 141.2 minutes compared to Orsolini’s 338.3 minutes. On the other hand, the latter has provided more assists (3 vs. 1) and created more chances (21 vs. 6).

Both players like to run with the ball at their feet, but the Bologna man has completed 26 dribbles while Verde has complete just six.

Orsolini is also more active in the defensive phase; he has won more duels (12 vs. 3), made more clearances (14 vs. 4) and more interceptions (9 vs. 5).

In terms of build-up play, Verde has completed fewer passes (222 vs. 338) but completes a great percentage of his passes (85.4% vs. 70.4%), and has greater accuracy in the opponents’ half (68.8& vs. 61.2&).

Orsolini has been on the receiving end of more fouls than Verde (30 vs. 7) but has also committed more fouls than his counterpart (16 vs. 1). Until now, only the Spezia forward has been booked (1 vs. 0) and neither of the two has been sent off.