Salute & Benessere The Azzurri fighting alongside the AIRC out on the pitch

The use of 4-5-5-2-1 in the battle against cancer

Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Azzurri fighting alongside the AIRC out on the pitch

The National Team’s match against North Macedonia tomorrow will mark the end of the 27th edition of ‘Un Gol per la Ricerca’ (‘A Goal for Research’), the Fondazione AIRC’s historic fundraising campaign supported by the FIGC, Lega Serie A, TIM, AIA and the sports media.

With Serie A TIM players having taken to the pitch for the AIRC last weekend, it was time for the Azzurri to promote 4-5-5-2-1. It’s more than just a number; it’s a real team effort to support young scientists through donations.

Leading the appeal was Head Coach Luciano Spalletti, who showed his confidence in the AIRC’s strategy: “I think 4-5-5-2-1 is important for the future.”

The Head Coach’s thoughts were echoed by four champions who chose to wear the ‘Un Gol per la Ricerca’ shirt. From Gianluigi Buffon, who renewed his commitment to the AIRC team (“4-5-5-2-1 isn’t just a formation, it’s a number to help the AIRC in the fight against cancer”), through to Francesco Acerbi, who has supported the Fondazione for many years after beating the disease himself: “Thanks to 4-5-5-2-1, I’ve been able to give the best of myself. If we embrace it together, we can make the difference in achieving a cure for all patients.”

Bologna defender Lorenzo De Silvestri also had his say: “At first, I found 4-5-5-2-1 a bit bewildering. However, the Coach explained that if we all embrace it together, we can emerge victorious.” And not forgetting Roma and Italy Women attacker Valentina Giacinti: “Only through the use of 4-5-5-2-1 can we win and help the AIRC in the fight against cancer.”

Meanwhile, Claudio Marchisio, who has been an AIRC ambassador since 2012, reinforced the message of belief in researchers: “Many years ago, I lost a dear friend to cancer. When you lose such important people, you feel more alone. I then realised I could do something, which is why I became a supporter and an ambassador of the AIRC. After all, the only way to defeat cancer is through research.”