The FIGC’s rebranding process complete: a new badge and sound identity for the Italian National Teams

Gravina: “A new image but the same extraordinary emotions”

Monday, January 2, 2023

The FIGC’s rebranding process complete: a new badge and sound identity for the Italian National Teams

Today, the FIGC has completed its rebranding process by unveiling the new badge and sound identity of the Italian National Football Teams. The logo joins its institutional counterpart launched last year and is accompanied by a music system that will feature on every touchpoint, whether physical or digital.

“We are ready for the future,” said FIGC President Gabriele Gravina. “Today, we present the new image of the Italian National Teams; with this new badge and new sound identity, the latter of which has been created for the first time in history, we are entering a new realm. However, we still have that same desire to generate extraordinary emotions in all our fans. It is these emotions that have helped create the new badge that will appear on our shirts, renewing a glorious tradition in the process, and which provided the inspiration for the brand-new sound logo and ‘Azzurri’ track.”

THE BADGE OF THE NATIONAL TEAMS. The new badge has been designed by Independent Ideas, the creative agency of Publicis Groupe, which has overseen the FIGC’s rebranding process. It celebrates a symbol of the country and reflects the feelings and passion of all Italian fans. In the next few days, these same fans will discover the National Teams’ new shirt, born out of the partnership with adidas, now officially an Azzurri partner.

For the launch of the logo, the FIGC’s social media pages have paired emotions with symbolic images from the National Team’s past. Desire, which the Azzurri displayed in abundance to win the 2006 World Cup. Confidence, like the coach and group showed during their triumphant Euro 2020 campaign. Awe, that feeling we were all left with after watching Totti’s Panenka-style penalty in 2000. And, finally, joy, which the whole country feels when the Azzurri lift a trophy to the sky. The same emotions have been spread on the Women’s Teams’ pages: the awe of watching Girelli find the net against Jamaica during the 2019 World Cup; Bonansea’s joy after her brace against Australia in the same tournament; the desire of the Under-19s who, in 2009, won the Euros, the Azzurre’s first and only international trophy; Panico’s confidence as she scored against Germany at the 1999 World Cup, symbolising the generations of female players who have made history in Italian women’s football.

It is from these feelings, and the feelings that every fan feels when the Italy shirt is being worn out on the pitch, that the new badge of the Italian National Football Teams has been conceived. This is reflected in #createdbyemotions, the claim that has been chosen for the launch of the campaign, which began in the past few days with a series of teasers on social media. Unveiled today, the badge ushers in 2023, the year that will see Italy involved in the 2023 Nations League Finals in June (the draw will take place on 25 January in Nyon) and start their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign in March (their first fixture in Group C will be against England at the Stadio Maradona on the 23rd). It represents the starting point of a new chapter in Italy’s glorious history, with the Azzurri aiming to bounce back from the disappointment of missing out on the most recent World Cup.

THE SOUND IDENTITY OF THE NATIONAL TEAMS. Created by Inarea Identity Design, an Italian company with international experience in design and brand identity, a true musical system has been created under the artistic direction of Enrico Giaretta. It comes in different forms, starting with the new badge’s sound logo, which, in three seconds, summarises the passion that supporters feel for the Azzurri and Azzurre. There are also all the different variations for the various physical and digital touchpoints, as well as the entire track with the title ‘Azzurri’, composed and produced by Enrico Giaretta and Maurizio D’Aniello.

The concept is that of “The sound of a nation beating as one”, which aims to transmit, in two simple notes, all the values that Italian football has sought to convey for 125 years. The two notes, with their strongly emotional character, are in keeping with the FIGC’s DNA. And this emotional character is only enhanced by the voice of the soprano Susanna Rigacci, already known for her historic collaborations with the late Maestro Ennio Morricone.


Here are the links to download the new logo and sound identity of the Italian National Football Teams.

The FIGC’s logo and that of the National Teams. In 2021, the FIGC decided to renew its image, launching a modern and authoritative institutional logo that represents the Federation as a whole. This will now be accompanied by the new badge for the Azzurri Teams, the other side of the same coin, with a single vision being expressed through the harmonious nature of the two logos.