The Club

Club Italia is a reference point for technical and scientific excellence in service of the Italy teams. This unified section coordinates the management of each of the 19 national teams. The national teams are currently divided into nine male teams (Senior, Under-21, Under-20, Under-19, Under-18, Under-17, Under-16, Under-15 and University). There are five female teams (Senior, Under-23, Under-19, Under-17 and Under-16.) There is one Beach Soccer team and there are six Futsal teams (Senior, Under-17 men, Senior and Under-17 for the women). 

Alongside the 19 football, beach soccer and futsal sides, four specialised new departments have been formed for all of the teams. They are the Medical Area led by Prof Andrea Ferretti, the Performance and Research Area of Valter Di Salvo, the Scouting Area and Match Analysis Area run by Mauro Sandreani and Antonio Gagliardi. For the youth teams, technical coordination is left to Maurizio Viscidi.

Medical Area

Director: Andrea Ferretti

Medical staff are provided to the various National Teams with 30 doctors and 26 physiotherapists. It covers all the requirements in Italy and abroad. Doctors manage relationships with their counterparts at various clubs and regular meetings are organised between all the different components.


Scouting Area

Director: Mauro Sandreani

All of Italy is monitored with 15 scouts (two dedicated to Under-21 level, four more than in the past). Over 200 reports are publishe monthly on a database that can be accessed by coaches and scouts. The Men's National Team also has four extra scouts.


Match Analysis Area

Director: Antonio Gagliardi

It provides the national teams (including the women's teams from this year) involved in European competition with analytic studies both on video and paper. Opposition analysis is provided along with the analysis of Azzurri players both as a team and individuals. It has moved from two to five operatives and moved into a more modern structure with the most advanced video and data platforms from around the world. It has a set base at Coverciano. All match analysts are qualified coaches. 


Performance and Research Area

Responsabile: Valter Di Salvo

It sets guidelines for Club Italia and training, creating coordination between the staff and teams in terms of performance. An integrated content platform for all staff represents a crucial innovation in football. In terms of research, it organises cutting-edge projects and focused on development. It consists of the following sections, Physical Preparation, Physiology, Biomechanics, Neurophysiology, Nutrition, Management and Data Analysis. Unification will be completed in the upcoming months. A nutritionist has been appointed for the Men’s National Team who will also have responsibilities for the other teams and a new fitness coach.