Maglia del Museo del Calcio

The Italian Football Museum is based at an iconic location for Italian football, the world-renowned Coverciano.

The idea of establishing the Italian Football Museum emerged during the extension works of the Federal Technical Centre for the 1990 World Cup as part of the Foundation President’s Fino Fini initiative. Ten years later, the museum was opened on 22 May 2000 with the Minister for Culture Giovanna Melandri and leading figures from the FIGC and society. The key idea for the Foundation was not just to tell the story of the Italy teams and the FIGC, but to also show the wider importance of football and sport for society and individuals. As a sort of universal language, football encapsulates the values of solidarity, sacrifice, altruism, generosity and fairness, and it’s a key instrument for integration and overcoming barriers, be they language or cultural barriers. This identity is put across every day by our guides as they lead visitors around the museum complemented by educational activities, especially those aimed at youngsters. The museum also contains an archive on the history of football which is a valuable research tool with various forms of sources, photos and videos.