The award

The “Hall of Fame” of Italian Football was established in 2011 by FIGC and the “Football Museum Foundation” in order to celebrate the personalities who had an unforgettable impact on the history of Italian football.
The “Hall of Fame”, which currently includes 77 legends, intends to be seen as an ideal acknowledgement of footballing greatness as well as a physical place in Coverciano’s “Football Museum”. Each year people will be inducted into it at a prestigious ceremony. The “Hall of Fame” is the perfect place to preserve and transmit the history of Italian football, thanks to the relics donated by those inducted into it.

The Jury tasked with choosing those who will be inducted into the “Hall of Fame” is composed of the directors of the most important sports newspapers. They have to choose a winner for each of the following categories: Italian player (retired for at least two seasons), Foreign player (retired for at least two seasons and that has played in Italy for at least five seasons), Italian Veteran (retired for at least 25 years), Italian Coach (with at least 15 years activity), Italian Director (with at least 15 years activity), Italian Referee (retired for at least two seasons). Posthumous awards are also given out.
All awarded personalities will hand over a relic relating to their career during the annual award ceremony. Those relics will enrich the collection preserved in the “Football Museum”.