National Team

Formed in May 1910, Italy’s National Football team boasts over a century of sporting history, distinguishable for its emotion, passion and glorious success shared with millions of Italians spread across many generations: four FIFA World Cups (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006), two UEFA European Championships (1968 and 2021), and one gold (1936) and two bronze medals (1928 and 2004) at the Olympic Games. 



Technical staff

Marco Domenichini (Assistant),Daniele Baldini,Salvatore Russo (Coaches), Marco Savorani (Goalkeeping Coach), Franco Ferrini,Francesco Sinatti (Fitness Coaches), Renato Baldi,Marco Mannucci (Match Analyst), Alessandro Pane,Marco Scarpa,Giorgio Venturin (Observers)

Head of Delegation

Gianluigi Buffon

Doctors/ Physiotherapists

Angelo De Carli, Carmine Costabile (Doctors), Mauro Doimi, Fabio Sannino, Emanuele Randelli, Fabrizio Scalzi (Physiotherapists) Walter Martinelli (Osteopath), Matteo Pincella (Nutritionist)

Club Italia

Mauro Vladovich (Head of Organisation)

Emiliano Cozzi (Secretary)

Communications and Press Office

Paolo Corbi (Head of Communications)

Diego Antenozio, Simone Orati, Paolo Serena (Media Officer)